Custom Payroll Checks and Direct Deposit Advices




What can I accomplish with this program?

Feature Sheet for base custom check/advice printing programs

Feature Sheet for emailing ACH recipients a paystub, stuffer, or text message

Payroll Bulletin for NY Wage Theft Prevention Act (NYWTPA) requirements with typical working notes

Sample paystub NYWTPA-compliant with call-outs identifying key features explaining basis of pay, dates, etc.

With a BASpay Custom Payroll Check/Advice Printing/Emailing Program, you can:

  • Efficiently and consistently prepare payroll checks and advices for printing in the format you specify. You are not limited to the "out-of-the-box" check layouts
  • Prepare check/advice batches for printing on blank, pre-printed, or self-mailer forms - all are available on anti-fraud check/advice stock
  • Print one check/advice form per employee, even if a partial check is issued
  • Specify your desired presentation using data from payroll labor history such as hours, job, or project worked, actual payrate, benefits, etc.
  • Print and re-print forms in a controlled manner in case of printing problems or in case of emailing access temporarily denied
  • Present your compensation in an enhanced “service bureau” or executive “Statement of Earnings” style
How does it work?

See our System Diagram

This is a menu-driven program, run after payrolls are completed, that shows the operator the available batches in the payroll history databases available for assembly. Setup includes control of pay group, summary and detail earnings, and advanced features such as presentation order. Optional client-specific logic may also be included in the preparation of batches. An audit report of the assembled batch may be sent to screen, printer, browse, or Excel. Once the assembled batch is approved, the operator can begin reporting for that batch. In cases where uploading the batch to other systems or sending the audited records to history is required, one assembly process prepares all outputs for that batch.

Are there optional capabilities?

Yes. See the Check/Advice Printing Feature Sheet, the Reconciliation Feature Sheet, or the Emailing DDadvice Feature Sheet.

Optional processing is available to prepare an advanced “Check/Direct Deposit Register” that includes employer liabilities. You can also request anti-fraud data feeds to banks or services such as “Posi-Pay” or Check-Safe.” non-accounting use such as budgets, estimates, analysis, or what-if batches. Some organizations have variable pay rates or special requirements to break-out the basis for the compensation on the check stub.. Optional processing is available to client specification to meet these needs. Some organizations want or need to show (or conditionally not show) paid time off balances, employer costs, benefits, messages, or double signatures. Optional processing is available to client specification to fulfill these requirements too.

What happens if I change my form(s) or requirements change?

See the Feature Sheet.

BAS programs are designed to be modified cost-effectively. This happens quite often, in our experience. You would coordinate with us, define the new requirements, and update your capabilities. It’s highly likely that you can continue to prepare and audit your batches as before, but output an updated or different form or data feed. Samples of various check, advices, mailers, and emailed stubs are available from BAS.

What is the process to get this program, pre-configured for my situation?

We review each order and coordinate with the client representative(s) to be sure what we provide meets the client’s needs before we build and register the program for the situation. Our “Needs Analysis” and methods are designed to make this a smooth process.