General Ledger & Job Cost Accounting System Imports




What can I accomplish with this program?

See the Feature Sheet.

With a BASpay General Ledger Interface Program, you can:

  • Efficiently and consistently prepare payroll data for transfer to GL
  • Override exceptional accounts, summarize or keep detail in prepared batches for selected accounts
  • Control, report, and prepare detail and summary batches to audit batches before transfer to GL
  • Automatically transfer the prepared and approved batch in the specified format your General Ledger imports
  • Apply client-specific logic using data in payroll labor history such as hours, job, or project worked
  • Prepare “projected payroll” batches for transfer before GL period-end for interim financials
  • Split payroll batches for transfer where the payroll period crosses two GL accounting periods
  • Re-process payroll history data with corrected payroll codes and produce corrected GL distributions
How does it work?

See our System Diagram.

This is a menu-driven program that runs after-payroll. The operator selects from available batches in the payroll history databases available for transfer to GL. Setup includes control of account assembly, summary and detail, multi-company assembly, account cross-referencing, and defaults. Optional client-specific logic may also be included in the preparation of batches. Audit reports of assembled batches are available to screen, printer, browse, or Excel. Once the assembled batch is approved, the operator can define the batch for transfer and create the transfer file. Since GL batches are prepared from payroll history, this process can be run and re-run, if necessary, and even used for what-if analysis.

Are there optional capabilities?

Yes. See the Feature Sheet.

Many organizations have accounting periods that do not correspond with their payroll cycles. Optional GL accrual processing is available to prepare “projected batches” for interim financials or “period-end split” batches. Some organizations have exceptional charts of accounts or special requirements for fund accounting or multi-company consolidations or break-outs. Some organizations desire to re-allocate GL distribution, calculate “burden”, or follow “actual cost” methods in GL. Optional processing is available to client specification to meet these needs.

What happens if I change my posting scheme, GL requirements, or accounting system?

We support many accounting systems and General Ledgers, and varioius methods. See the Feature Sheet.

This happens quite often, in our experience. You would coordinate with us; consider the new situation, and we would update your capabilities. It’s highly likely that you could continue to prepare and audit your batches as before, via an updated transfer file. Some GL Interfaces are available bundled in a “suite” of other BASpay accounting interfaces designed and developed for a particular accounting product line.

What is the process to get this program, pre-configured for my situation?

We review each order and coordinate with the client representative(s) to be sure what we provide meets the client’s needs before we pre-registered and configure the program for the situation. Our “Needs Analysis” and methods are designed to make this a smooth process.